“Superb writing, arranging, and playing
by some of the best musicians around.”

Jacques Émond, Programming Director
Ottawa International Jazz Festival

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Thank you to all those that attended our show at the 26th Ottawa International Jazz Festival.
A post-concert review is now online. Photos and audio and video clips will be posted soon.

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Over the past eighteen months I have had both the privilege and the pleasure of working with some of Ottawa's finest jazz and symphony musicians along with some truly talented guest artists from Montreal and Toronto. During that time we presented five highly successful repertory jazz concerts. My aims were to challenge both audiences and artists with ambitious programmes of rarely heard music and to inform and entertain by presenting the music in a specific (usually historical) context. Without a doubt these concerts were warmly received and highly praised by both audiences and critics.

I am very proud of our artistic accomplishments. We have achieved much. However, the journey to this point has not been without logistic and financial challenges. It has been no easy feat to bring so many talented artists together, arrange and acquire music, write programme notes, organise venues and sponsors, and publicise events, all without substantial financial loss. Today we still face many of those same challenges even as I seek to present more ambitious programmes. I am very excited at the prospect of what lies ahead and enthused by the many other people who share my vision and are helping to make it a reality. Together we are bringing our talents and energy together to ensure a future for this new ensemble: the Impressions in Jazz Orchestra (IJO). As with the orchestra itself, my dream for the supporting organisation is to bring together people who, in addition to being talented and motivated, are committed to working in a truly collaborative and fun environment. We want to bring great music to people but above all the experience must be fun. Many people who have attended concerts have written to say how exciting it was to see local musicians enjoying themselves while playing fantastic, rarely performed music. That joy clearly translates into the high quality performances we give.

What we are trying to achieve with this orchestra is unique not just in Ottawa or even in Canada but in some respects, anywhere. This is an orchestra that truly builds bridges and transcends boundaries. Our audiences reflect much the same makeup as our collective of musicians: lovers of classical, jazz, world music and more. Whether it is Shostakovich, Gershwin or Ellington, the music we present deserves to be heard. Ottawa audiences deserve to hear it and Ottawa musicians deserve to play it. I invite you to share this vision with us by getting involved with this new and exciting orchestra and the organisation that supports it. Whether it is spreading the word about the IJO, providing financial support, volunteering, or attending our concerts, we need your help in order to reach the full potential of this great orchestra.

I look forward to seeing you at our next concert.

Adrian Cho
Founder and Artistic Director

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